Build a chat feature into your on-demand app

Building the next Uber for X? Add a chat function so customers and service providers can effectively communicate with each other.

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Building effective communication between customers and service providers is key to great UX

It makes for a more efficient and smoother experience between all parties involved. Giving users a way to quickly message each other when let's say, they want to book an apartmant, or a taxi is not on time or an order is late builds positive relationships between service providers and customers.

TalkJS offers a robust chat API developers can use to add chat between users to your app in days, not months.

Anything goes wrong users can always sort it out on chat

Need to make some last-minute changes to the itinerary for a chauffeur? Open the app, send a message, and let them know. How about some late-breaking instructions for a courier or a service provider? Delivering those messages is easy with TalkJS.

Retreat Guru

“We chose TalkJS because it had email notifications built-in, apart from plug-and-play chat UI.”

Matias Anaya
Matias Anaya
Software Engineer at Kaddy
Retreat Guru

"Kudos on a great platform.. we tested many (sendbird, cometchat, etc).. yours stands out by far"

Juan Carlos Cardoso Riveroll
Founder at Manoexperta

Replace clunky phone calls and texts with real-time messaging

There aren't any strange text messages from an unknown phone number with this service. There aren't any mysterious phone numbers from unknown area codes that get easily ignored. Instead, customers get in touch with drivers or couriers without ever leaving the application.

Messaging features for on-demand apps

With TalkJS you can save months of work. Developers don't need to code everything from scratch, they can use out-of-the-box features.

The JavaScript SDK comes with a pre-built chat UI (inbox, chatbox and popup) that is highly customizable. The UI is forward-compatible so it will keep working on future devices, new features, and future browser bugs. The pre-built UI saves you months of work in comparison to alternatives.

The TalkJS chat works amazingly well on desktop and mobile devices. The UI is pre-built, highly customizable and easy to embed into any mobile or web app.

Real-time message translation is a must-have feature for apps that facilitate an international community. It reduces the barrier to entry for communicating with parties that don't speak the same language, making the chat more frictionless.

Mobile push notifications let users respond quickly while doing other things. Seeing new messages keep your users engaged even when they're not looking.

Take a look at the analytics dashboard to see how many people are using the chat and the number of messages they've sent in a particular timeframe.

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“We needed chat and didn't want to build it ourselves because it needs to be really great. The TalkJS team is laser-focused on chat, and we're focused on building a great auction marketplace.”

Dennis Pereira
Dennis Pereira
Head of Product at Catawiki
Retreat Guru

“We were able to offload all messaging to TalkJS – simplifying our own development of an otherwise complex stack.”

Deryk Wenaus
Deryk Wenaus
CTO at Retreat Guru

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Building the next Uber for X? Add a chat function so customers and service providers can effectively communicate with each other.