Add a chat function in your on-demand app

Add a chat function so customers and service providers can effectively communicate with each other. Save 30% in customer support time by adding direct chat between the users in your app or website.

The benefits of chat for on-demand services

Effective communication between customers and service providers is key. It makes for a more efficient and smoother experience between all parties involved. With on-demand chat services, this more transparent communication ensures a pleasant transaction. That makes for a successful, positive relationship.

Clear up confusion with messaging features between customers and drivers

If you're a service provider, you've probably dealt with the fallout from negative interactions between customers and your representatives. There are so many things that can go wrong with the process. There can be a timing miscommunication that can lead to a busted schedule all around.

Customers may get confused from unknown numbers calling them. Rides can show up at the wrong spot. Products can get dropped off in the wrong place. There's potential for endless amounts of confusion and frustration to bubble up in those brief relationships between customers and service providers.

The result? Often, it's an overall-negative interaction that leaves a sour taste in the customer's mouth. The next time they look for a service provider? Chances are they'll remember, and they'll turn to a different outlet. That customer loss is something you need to avoid.

Vital information between customers and drivers in real-time

Rider - driver chat brings a much-needed element of clarity to the relationship. With TalkJS services, you can provide the critical messaging that informs both sides of the interaction. Customers can easily talk to drivers, handymen, chauffeurs, couriers, and any other service provider. Want to tell a handyman which specific side of the building you're on? Shoot them a message to guide them directly to the spot they need to be. Need to make some last-minute changes to the itinerary for a chauffeur? Open the app, send a message, and let them know. How about some late-breaking instructions for a courier or a service provider? Delivering those messages are easy with TalkJS.

Sometimes freelancers need answers quickly when it comes to turning in projects on time or keeping everything on schedule. A chat feature gives freelancers exactly what they need for these conversations.

Improve brand value and increase business retention with world-class messaging

The best part about the TalkJS service? No confusion when it comes to the person attempting to reach the customer. There aren't any strange text messages from an unknown phone number with this service. There aren't any mysterious phone numbers from unknown area codes that get easily ignored. Instead, customers get in touch with drivers without ever leaving the application. Just open the application, tap "contact," and chat with the driver. It's that easy. With TalkJS, you can create a memorable, user-friendly, high-quality interaction between customer and service provider. This interaction helps to improve brand value and increase business retention. It's a pivotal tool to help maintain - and grow - your business.

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