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Don't let your community leave for third party chat apps

Build chat into your community in a few hours with our chat API and pre-built UI. With native messaging, you can keep users from switching to messaging apps like WhatsApp, Discord, or Slack.
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Allow members to talk in private via DMs

With a 1-on-1 private chat, users can connect in a more intimate way and share images and documents without using third-party apps. Also, users can keep the conversations in the loop even when offline with email notifications.

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Engage your community around any topic with dedicated group chat

Bring people with similar interests together by providing a dedicated place to connect. Create any number of group chats, and chat rooms, and engage your community around the topics that matter most to them.

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How TalkJS helped Audry connect their podcasting community
TalkJS has been an integral part of our user experience since the beginning, allowing us to bring a fully fledged in-app chat solution in our first version of the platform.
Eugenio Warglien
Co-founder, Audry

Moderate and analyse user activity

Proactively moderate and analyse the activity in your community. Get insights about user experience and protect the audience from inappropriate conduct.

  • Use word blocklists to filter profanities
  • Take a look at chat history and get audience insights
  • Track the level of engagement with user activity data
Get started

Integrate chat with a few lines of code

You just need to tell us which conversation to display, who's chatting, and where to show it on the page. We take care of the rest! And if you want a deeper integration, we have all the APIs you'll need to add functionality or integrate into your own systems.

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2 <Chatbox conversationId={}/>

Tune the look and feel of your chat

You can deeply customise the chat UI with HTML and CSS. With TalkJS Themes you have complete control over the styling, the layout, and document structure of the chat messages and the possibility to show metadata.

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What I can say is that we have ~1000 conversations happening through TalkJS chat that would have happened off-platform or not happen at all otherwise.
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Matias Anaya
Software Engineer, Kaddy