Add real-time messaging to your online community or social network

With TalkJS, you can easily integrate a messaging feature into your platform and allow your community to grow organically through meaningful conversations.

Working with the TalkJS Chat API & SDK

TalkJS is a complete chat solution, front-end, and back-end, in a single package that developers can use to add chat between users to your community platform or social network.

It supports all the essential messaging features you'll need to create an amazing messaging experience and keep your users engaged.

Allow your community members to interact in private

With a 1-on-1 private chat, users can connect in a more intimate way and share images and documents without using third-party apps.

Users can keep the conversations in the loop even when offline. If a user receives a message, TalkJS sends an email or SMS notification.

Engage your community around any topic

Bring people that share an interest in a particular topic together by providing a dedicated place for them to connect.

Create any number of group chats, chat rooms, and engage your community around the topics that matter most to them.

What our customers say

"Talkjs has been an integral part of our user experience since the beginning. Thanks to TalkJS, today Audry manages thousands of conversations and file-shares directly within the platform."

— Eugenio Warglien, Co-founder of Audry

Read our case study: How TalkJS Helped Audry Connect Their Podcasting Community

Moderate conversations by creating word blacklists

Create trust in your community by moderating toxic conversations with blacklists that work as a profanity filter.

Make your community a safe place where a meaningful exchange of ideas can thrive.

Retain users on your platform with a native messaging feature

Keep users engaged by providing a seamless messaging feature embedded into your platform.

With native messaging, you can keep users from switching to third-party messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, or Slack.

Customize the chat interface to fit your website or app design

Tune the look and feel of the chat UI with TalkJS themes. By changing a few lines of CSS, you can easily customize the chat design.

Adjust fonts, borders, colors, and other properties to customize the chat UI and make it fit your website or app design perfectly.

Ready to get started?

Create a thriving online community or social network where people can connect through meaningful conversations.