Add chat between buyers and sellers to your marketplace

Use our API to create a chat that allows buyers and sellers to discuss products on your platform, and drive more engagement and more transactions.

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Real-time communication between buyers and sellers drives results

Build a chat feature that will boost user engagement, retention and conversion rate by creating an amazing messaging experience that is tailored for marketplaces.

Help sellers support their customers via chat

For sellers, prompt communication can mean the difference between a sale and someone choosing the competition. The sellers can talk with potential customers while they shop.

They can instantly answer their pre-sales questions and guide the buyers to the products that make the most sense for them. This personalized attention creates a quality customer experience and improves the reputation of your marketplace.

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Let buyers talk directly with the sellers

Buyers might need to know more about a product before they feel confident in making a purchase. Emailing or calling sellers is disruptive to the shopping experience but when they can chat directly on the product page the buying process becomes frictionless.

Buyers end up getting the assistance they need to choose a product that perfectly matches what they're looking for. In the past, they could be waiting hours or days to get in touch with sellers.


“We needed chat and didn't want to build it ourselves because it needs to be really great. The TalkJS team is laser-focused on chat, and we're focused on building a great auction marketplace.”

Dennis Pereira
Dennis Pereira
Head of Product at Catawiki
Retreat Guru

“We were able to offload all messaging to TalkJS – simplifying our own development of an otherwise complex stack.”

Deryk Wenaus
Deryk Wenaus
CTO at Retreat Guru

Allow marketplace owners to monitor conversations in real-time

A smoothly running marketplace is essential to keeping buyers and sellers happy and loyal to your platform. If issues prevent transactions from completing or otherwise get in the way of normal operation, you could lose those users forever.

Monitor the conversations between buyers and sellers to keep an eye on things. If someone is complaining about how slow the site is, you can proactively handle the problem before a buyer or seller gets around to submitting a ticket.

Messaging features for marketplaces

With TalkJS you can save months of work. Developers don't need to code everything from scratch, they can use the pre-built UI and messaging features.

User can reply to an email notification, and the message will land back in the chat closing the loop and making sure that the conversation is not lost. Users can reply directly or jump back in to your platform - either way, their response will safely reach its destination.

Prevent users from exchanging email addresses, phone numbers, and website addresses. You can configure exceptions in detail.

Blacklist certain words such as profanity to ensure that chat messages remain clear of offensive words. To create blacklists you'll need to use the mask contact information feature.

Real-time message translation is a must-have feature for marketplaces that facilitate an international community. It reduces the barrier to entry for communicating with parties that don’t speak the same language, making the chat more frictionless. Otherwise, users would need to translate each of the messages themselves, something most of them probably won’t be keen on doing.

The JavaScript SDK comes with a pre-built chat UI (inbox, chatbox and popup) that is highly customizable. The UI is backward-compatible so it will keep working on older devices even as we add new features and improvements. The pre-built UI saves you months of work in comparison to alternatives.

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Email Notifications
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“The load on our customer service reduced drastically and our conversion rate increased by allowing our users to communicate with each other.”

Sarah Bleiker
Sarah Bleiker
Product Manager at The Next Closet
Retreat Guru

“We chose TalkJS because it had email notifications built-in, apart from plug-and-play chat UI.”

Matias Anaya
Matias Anaya
Software Engineer at Kaddy

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