Add chat between the buyers and sellers to your online marketplace

Save 30% customer support time by adding direct chat between the users in your app or website.

The benefits of chat for online marketplaces

You have many factors to consider when you're working on ways to make your online marketplace more successful. Communication is one key to creating a quality experience for buyers, sellers and yourself.

Here are three ways that adding a buyer-seller chat improves your marketplace and encourages its growth rate.

Help online marketplace sellers manage communications with their customers

Prompt communication can mean the difference between a sale and someone choosing one of your competitors. You can talk with potential customers while they shop. Instantly answer their pre-sales questions and guide them to the products that make the most sense for their situation. This personalized attention creates a quality customer experience and improves your brand reputation.

Let buyers connect directly with the creators and sellers of a product

As a buyer, you might need to know more about a product before you feel confident in making a purchase. Emailing or calling customer support is disruptive to the shopping experience. When you can chat directly on the page that you're looking at, it's easy to find out more information.

You end up getting the assistance you need to choose a product that perfectly matches what you're looking for. In the past, you could be waiting hours or days to get in touch with customer support.

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Allow marketplace owners to monitor conversations that are happening

A smoothly running marketplace is essential to keeping buyers and sellers happy and loyal to your platform. If issues prevent transactions from completing or otherwise get in the way of normal operation, you could lose those users forever.

Monitor the conversations between buyers and sellers to keep an eye on things. If someone is complaining about how slow the site is, you can proactively handle the problem before a buyer or seller gets around to submitting a ticket.

Save time and money by adding direct chat

You end up saving 30 percent of the time and money that would normally go into customer support with this approach. Another advantage to monitoring these conversations is that you can identify users who are violating the terms of service, such as spamming buyers or trying to sell illegal goods through direct messages.

A buyer seller chat is a perfect addition to your website, as everyone using it benefits. Developing this feature from scratch takes a lot of time and resources, but you can use our chat API and SDK to speed up this process so you're rolling it out within hours.

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