Embed direct chat and chat rooms in your eLearning platform

Increase engagement and conversion by adding direct chat between users in your EdTech website or app.

The benefits of integrated chat in an education platform

We're in a brave new world of educational technology - and digital learning chat between teachers and students is a vital new frontier for interactions. Communication between these two parties is critical. It allows teachers to do their important jobs with better, more targeted instructions and assignments, and for the young minds ready to shape the future to better understand and learn from their instructors in every way possible. With the TalkJS chat plugin for your website or application, teachers and students can clearly and quickly communicate with each other.

Discuss directly what needs to be done in a course via chat

With the TalkJS plugin, students can learn and grow through some of the sharpest minds in the country. With a few clicks, keystrokes, or swipes, a student can get into direct contact with an industry or field expert. It's that communication and helpful guidance that can help unlock critical thinking skills and much more - helping to grow the projects, assignments, and ideas that can help shape the world. TalkJS helps to connect the brightest young minds out there with experienced teachers, professors, and mentors to help them flourish.

The TalkJS chat plugin for your website or app provides clarity for students and professors to help stay aligned with the ultimate goals of a course or program. If a student has a question on an assignment or requires some type of clarification on a topic discussed in class, they can get the answers they need with the help of TalkJS. It's a tool that helps all parties involved make the grade!

Create a better user experience for both students as well as teachers

TalkJS also provides plenty of help for teachers out there! With TalkJS for your website or app, it's easy for the instructors of a course or program to communicate with their students - adding on elements that bring a presentation or lesson to life, communicating about plans for classes, recommending helpful online links, or providing important logistical information.

Increase engagement and conversion by offering the right communication tools

Utilize the power of the TalkJS plugin on your website or app to keep students engaged and keep the course moving forward. With the tools provided by TalkJS, teachers have a high-tech way to ensure that their students stay active and involved with the vital teaching lessons. The TalkJS plugin adds a proactive element to any course!

Your students aren't stuck in the past - so why try to teach like that? With the TalkJS chat plugin, you can create an advanced, modern environment for your students to live and learn in, featuring the cutting-edge tools you need to provide the best instruction possible.

Ready to get started?

Whether you're building a marketplace, on-demand business, e‑commerce, crowdfunding, travel and events platform, TalkJS is the chat tool for you.