Add chat between applicants and employers to your job site

Save 30% customer support time by adding direct chat between the users in your app or website.

The benefits of chat between people on job platforms

Communication goes a long way towards finding the right freelancer. Conversations need to move beyond email, but businesses don't always have time in their schedules to talk on the phone or have a video conference. TalkJS makes it possible to add user-to-user chat on freelance hiring platforms within hours, and there are many compelling reasons to implement this on your website.

Chat with employers

The freelance labor pool gives companies the resources they need to complement their in-house staff, bring in specialists without paying hefty recruiting fees, and expand their capacity on an as-needed basis.

Employers need a way to have real-time conversations with freelancers, and a user-to-user chat streamlines that process. Whether they have a quick question or they need to discuss extensive project details, they can reach out to their candidates without waiting on emails or phone calls.

Chat with applicants and freelancers

Freelancers need to get in touch with their clients for many reasons, from checking in on the status of a project to finding out when their payment is coming for a job well done. User-to-user chat is perfect for quick questions and urgent communication.

Sometimes freelancers need answers quickly when it comes to turning in projects on time or keeping everything on schedule. A chat feature gives freelancers exactly what they need for these conversations.

Keep the conversations on your platform

Your freelance hiring platform should make it easy for businesses and freelancers to connect. Why make them go off-site to continue their conversations? You can keep your users on your platform for communication before, during and after projects to help everyone have a better experience.

TalkJS has a chat API that makes adding this feature a simple process, so you don't have to devote months of your time to make it happen. Instead, you can get it up and running within hours. When you add chat to your platform, you give users another reason to stay engaged with your website.

You have a lot of competition in the freelance hiring platform market. Make sure you stand out in the crowd by giving businesses and freelancers the tools they need to effectively communicate with each other.

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