A collection of some of the nice things people have said about us.

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"I really love how TalkJS works and the speed is amazing (initialising chats, sending messages, response from webhook). Keep up the good work and please keep me updated about the upcoming features!"

β€”β€” Jasper, RogerRoger

"The hardest part of my one month bootstrap project was finding the right messaging and chat library. Thanks to @ProductHunt I came across @TalkJS . It's rather easy to use and comes with built-in customizable ui components. Took 1week to find it and 10 mins to set it up. 🀟"

β€”β€” @kharioki, on Twitter

"My dev has said your documentation is one of the best he has seen. So, so easy to implement, and he is a hard man to please too! ☺

We already have it up and running, and it looks fab."

β€”β€” Sean, vettimes.co.uk

"We just deployed the private messaging service to Hashnode. It literally took 30 mins to set up the whole thing. Great job!"

β€”β€” Hashnode

"Loving the docs you guys have. Great job. Looking forward to going live."

β€”β€” POP! Pez App

"We really love TalkJS, it's the best affordable message interface we could find and we searched very long."

β€”β€” Uwe, FutureBytes

"Hi Team. I love this so much! Such an incredible job. Thank you for making life so much easier. I've installed the TalkJS Plugin and plugged in my development keys. I've set it up via widgets on each seller's store page (I'm using WC Vendors)."

β€”β€” George Muharib

"As a paying customer of TalkJS I am more than happy to endorse this product. It was quick and simple to install for our developers. We had it up and running in 1 hour max.

The pricing model is fair and reasonable compared to other peer 2 peer messaging tools. The team behind it are a great group of guys who respond quickly to any tickets and are constantly improving the product. Last but not least it saves our customer service department a huge amount of time, as it allows our designers on https://crowdyhouse.com/ to speak directly with the customers. Great product. Congrats guys!"

β€”β€” Mark, Crowdyhouse

"Been jonesin for an excuse to use talk in a project. Love the concept and execution, nice work!"

β€”β€” Adam, Hotel Tech Report

"Shoutout @TalkJS, adding a chat was never easier"

β€”β€” Dominic, MentorCruise

"took me 15mins to ship PM for a client & changed only a couple lines πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ @siftery @TalkJS"

β€”β€” BobKevin, workSmart.fun

"We are integrating TalkJS with our app to better communicate with users on tough sections where they might need some direct guidance. We have a strong idea of how to proceed, we are just waiting for available engineering time on our end.

Just a side note, your documentation is fantastic."

β€”β€” Stephen, Smartscreens

"No problem, thanks for the quick reply. TalkJS team is doing an awesome job."

β€”β€” Filipe

"Cool, that should work then. You guys have been awesome, I'll hit you with any other questions. Thank you again for taking the time :)"

β€”β€” MD

"I integrated it with our app in less than 1 hour which is great (ease of use and good docs) [...]"

β€”β€” Leo

"Awesome, you guys are building a great product, we're really enjoying integrating it into our platform! good job!"

β€”β€” Hamza

"We’ve been evaluating several messaging platforms for integration into an Ionic app we’re developing. The app is designed to improve engagement between our client and their global network of distributor partners, with a potential membership of about 500 users.

And TalkJS wins – integration work is scheduled to start next week, and we’ll be signing up for a standard plan – just subject to final sign-off from our client."

β€”β€” Matt, Woven Agency

"Hi there, super cool tool. I'm currently using intercom and am considering adding your tool for user<>user chat. I run an education technology startup [...]"

β€”β€” Andrew, LiftEd

"This is the best customer service and support I’ve received in a long time, and that goes a long long way for being happy with a company :)

There’s bugs with software some times no matter who you use, but you’ve been very receptive to hearing about them and fixing them which is great! Very impressed with the quality of the chat though and the service you’ve been providing. "

β€”β€” Dan, JiffyTask

"But must say this chat solution is insanely nice, simple to use, just working, and it's feature rich. Good job!"

β€”β€” Kasper

"Thanks a lot! #happy about your outstanding mind blowing support"

β€”β€” Stefan, motoa

"That's what I've been looking for for 1 and half years! I can't get over how awesome this is πŸ˜‚"

β€”β€” Eidan

"Hey, it is super, we really love it so much, and are just waiting until we can activate Arabic translations and then we can go live!"

β€”β€” Eslam, Shagalni

"Hope all is well over there! Just wanted to mention that we launched TalkJS and have been monitoring the activity. We're so pleased to finally have a chat solution on our marketplace and it was incredibly easy to setup and looks and functions fantastic."

β€”β€” Shayne, Retreat Guru

"Gave me a fast option to let my users message between each other. Saved me development time!"

β€”β€” Chen, Guider

"But must say this chat solution is insanely nice, simple to use, just working, and it's feature rich. Good job!"

β€”β€” Kasper

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